LIVING IN THE WEST started back in 2008 at a place called Senior Magazine, owned and operated by Daphne Lang. Daphne hired me, Bob Crimmins, to write a few articles, as I was a writer for many years in the health industry.

About a year into my new job, I asked Daphne if I could write an article about California history because I have always had an interest in the Wild Wild West, ever since I was a kid. And as luck would have it, that is exactually where I am living, here in Sacramento California, home of the Wild Wild West.

Daphne gave me permission to go ahead, so I ventured down to Sutter’s Fort to see what kind of history information I could gather.

At Sutter’s Fort, I met Mr. California History himself, Steve Beck who sat me down in John Sutter’s personal office! and proceeded to tell me the story of “THE BEAR FLAG REVOLT.” Eureka!!! It was the best wild west story I ever heard, and I proceeded to write down every word.

Back at the magazine we created a cover, with a big California grizzly bear and the California flag, in all their glory, for the two-page article, with plenty of pictures to boot. The article got us a Maggie award, which in the magazine world is like an academy award for the movie industry.

I then asked Steve if he would come on television and tell my viewers the same story I wrote for the magazine. Access Sacramento television station manager Gary Martin made that possible for us, and with his help we won a WAVE award for our program “THE BEAR FLAG REVOLT.” The WAVE award is an academy award from the cable television industry.

Steve introduced me to Jared Jones, also from Sutter’s Fort. Jared became our lead researcher for all our history stories. And as our director, Liz Harrison put them all together in the control room at Access Sacramento. She also created the fun opening to all our stories.

Other history genius like Mr. Railroad Kyle Wyatt from Southern Pacific Railroad, Eric Thompson from the state capitol building, Delores Ross from the Leland Stanford mansion, and other distinguished guests have come on to share true picture stories of the great state of California. Even Mark Twain – McAvoy Layne – stopped by to share his story with us. My son Bob Jr, took on the creative task as our web master, so now we can share our work with you.

Folks seem to enjoy our LIVING IN THE WEST stories, so we have decided to keep making them.

After 10 years of complete TEAM dedication, we have been honored to have our LIVING IN THE WEST stories sent out to all the 4th grade school teachers in the entire state of California…Even some of the 5th grade teachers are starting to ask for them as well…History Channel, here we come… Note: Research has determined that adults enjoy watching our stories as well.